Syrian Attack on Israel Kills Teen

The Syrian war is too close for comfort. Photo: Signpost showing distance between Israel, Syria. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

The Syrian war is too close for comfort. Photo: Signpost showing distance between Israel, Syria. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

Israel appears to be on at risk of two different wars cheap valium thailand with two different enemies suddenly, after teenagers have been targeted in two separate attacks. The latest comes as an explosion on the Syrian border hit an Israeli civilian car and killed a teenage boy, according to the IDF Blog.

The IDF Blog quoted IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner as saying, “This is not a case of errant fire, but of an intentional attack.” The IDF Spokesperson’s Twitter page reported that Israeli military fired back at Syrian positions in response.

Another IDF Twitter post said that this explosion “is the most serious attack against Israel in recent months.” It comes as Israel is already embroiled in a massive rescue operation to save three teenagers kidnapped by Hamas, even as Israeli analysts in their media have warned a new war with Hamas in Gaza could break out.

The Syrian incident isn’t the first time that Israel has been attacked by their northern neighbor during the Syrian civil war, but it’s the first time Israeli civilians have been killed. Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon have also experienced similar attacks.

However, Israel is unique due to their long-standing enemy status with Syria.

The Syrians have fought multiple wars with Israel, and in recent years Syria has sought means to attack Israel by supporting Hezbollah terrorists, while Israel has launched covert strikes on Syria’s nuclear program and other targets in self-defense. Despite that, the border with Syria had been quiet for years prior to the latter’s civil war.

Syrian expert Dr. Jonathan Spyer, from the Global Research in International Affairs Center, told The Mideast Update that he believed the regime to be behind Sunday’s explosion, but said, “I doubt it will spark a major war.” However, he also noted that “this is now an active border.”

The tragedy comes as Israel continues it’s search for the kidnapped teens, which includes a sizable operation to crack down on Hamas infrastructure in the heart of Israel in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

Rocket attacks from Gaza, and Israeli airstrikes in response, have accompanied the campaign for the teens and things could get worse. Some Israeli analysts, such as Ron Ben-Yishai who writes for Ynet, have even warned Hamas may be willing to start up their first war with Israel since November 2012.

In other words, a war to Israel’s south may be coming soon. At the same time, a war to Israel’s north is unlikely for now, but it sounds a whole lot more likely after a tragic Sunday.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, June 22, 2014)

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