About Joshua Spurlock

When you read about the Middle East, you want someone who has actually lived there, who has spoken to the people there, seen first-hand the conflict and can find the news you should know.

That’s me.

I’m Joshua Spurlock, a journalist who spent two years reporting from Jerusalem, Israel. I’ve spoken personally with members of the Israeli government and military, and with sources in the European Union, the US State Department and the United Nations. I personally have visited the rocket-attacked town of Sderot—during  a war with Gaza. I personally have witnessed the immediate aftermath of a terror attack in Jerusalem. I was in the room for one of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s infamous rants against the West at the United Nations in New York.

And most of all, I present the news from a Biblical perspective that understands not only the side of the news the liberal media won’t tell you, but the angles even the conservative ones will miss.

My journalism career has included reporting on both local and international news while interviewing a wide range of sources—from politicians and government officials to business people and analysts, from “man on the street” interviews to formal events.

I believe that reporting should be accurate and that good relationships with readers and sources are important. I currently reside in the Southeastern US, keeping a watchful eye on the events in the Middle East.

About Levant Media:

Levant Media and its news group, The Mideast Update (www.themideastupdate.com), seek to provide news and insights on Israel, the broader Middle East and US foreign policy in the region from a perspective rarely seen in other media. We cover that news with a commitment to accuracy. As part of our reporting and research, we provide insights and interviews from sources who are either in the region or who have a genuine interest in—or connection to—the news. We treat our audience and our sources ultimately as people, worthy of respect.

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