Iran: Drafting Final Nuke Deal with World Powers Begins

Really moderate, or just for show? Iranian President Rouhani. Illustrative. FEMA/Marty Bahamonde.

Really moderate, or just for show? Iranian President Rouhani. Illustrative. FEMA/Marty Bahamonde.

The signals coming from the Iranians regarding the nuclear talks with the major world powers sound contradictory—and those two signals are coming from the same person. The Iranian foreign minister, on the same day he announced that they had begun drafting the final nuclear deal, also was quoted by the Fars News Agency as slamming the views of the world powers.

Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted by Fars as saying, “Some stances of the other side are completely unacceptable.” In other words, just because the sides have reached the final stretch in their talks and started talking a deal, don’t think they’re on the verge of making that deal.

Fars went on to quote multiple Iranians complaining about the positions of the other side, alongside strong comments about their own positions. Essentially, the Iranians have made it clear they expect the West to compromise more.

But considering the issue at stake is whether or not Iran can maintain a nuclear program and prove its not being used for nuclear buy phentermine paypal weapons, the US and Europe have ample motive to hold their ground.

The final push on nuke talks comes as the deadline to reach the deal is roughly one month away and the US has also spoken with Iran regarding the terrorists in Iraq. The US is concerned by the push of the ISIL terrorists in Iraq, and has already talked with Iran, which neighbors Iraq, about ISIL.

However, the US is arguing the Iraq situation and the nuke deal are two separate issues. “Our view is that any discussion with Iran regarding Iraq would be entirely separate from the [nuclear] negotiations, and any effort to connect the two is a nonstarter for the United States,” spokesperson Jen Psaki was quoted by a State Department press release as saying.

Furthermore, Psaki sounded as realistic as Iran about reaching that nuclear deal, in spite of the Iraq talks. “Significant gaps remain [in the nuclear negotiations],” said Psaki. “It’s difficult, but our team will take every effort to keep them focused on that nuclear program.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, June 19, 2014)

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