Report: French Concerned Iran Could’ve Used Deal En Route to Nukes

The major world powers did not reach a breakthrough deal with Iran over the latter’s nuclear program, but that’s a good thing. Because if they had, Iran might’ve used the deal to get right to the edge of nuclear weapons capability.

According to a report by The Guardian, a key block to a deal was the French. Specifically, they feared that a proposal to let Iran keep building a plutonium reactor – but to test it with dummy nuclear materials – was too dangerous. The sides will meet again later this month to continue the negotiations.

The Guardian said the world powers were concerned about Iran’s plutonium route, an alternative path to nuclear weapons, but Iran refused to halt construction on the reactor.

So the US and Iran proposed a compromise to let Iran test the reactor with fake materials, but keep on building it for civilian use. However, the French and Israelis feared that if Iran broke the deal and put nuclear material into the reactor they would have a bomb-proof path to nuclear weapons.

Once nuclear fuel goes into the reactor, bombing it would release a radioactive cloud – clearly dangerous. Hence Iran could have a perfectly defended nuclear fuel facility – making fuel for nuclear weapons – in plain sight.

On Monday, despite the failure of the talks thus far to produce a weak deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued his PR campaign opposing a “bad deal” with Iran. He knows the danger isn’t passed yet.

“Our common goal, that of the US, Europe China and Russia is to prevent Iran from developing a military nuclear capability. I think it’s time to improve the deal. Iran is on its knees economically and it’s possible to get a better deal. Before the sanctions are lessened, get a good deal, not a bad deal.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, November 11, 2013)

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