Palestinian Terror Capital? Hamas Eyes East Jerusalem

Could Palestinian violence like this reach Jerusalem.  Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson.

Could Palestinian violence like this reach Jerusalem? Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson.

The greatest threat to peace in the Middle East just might be a “peace” deal between Israel and the Palestinians that creates a Palestinian state in the underbelly of Israel. Aside from the incitement on Palestinian media that continues to raise questions about the Palestinian desire for peace, a new report has revealed that the main Palestinian terror group—Hamas—is already planning an ideological takeover of east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as their capital.

Ynet reported that recent legal indictments show Hamas has been setting up a social infrastructure in east Jerusalem, complete with education and welfare programs, aimed at stealing the hearts of minds of Palestinians.

While they may not sound so scary, Ynet compared Hamas’ work to what Hezbollah did in Lebanon. That has enabled Hezbollah, a global terrorist organization, to win election in Lebanon and effectively take over huge chunks of the country. And like Hezbollah, Hamas is anything but peaceful.

Hamas has led the terrorists in at least two major military fights with Israel over the last 5-plus years, and they continue to preach violence and decry peace talks with Israel.

According to court documents, Hamas’ social work in east Jerusalem was being done to “bring the Palestinian population closer to Hamas’ ideology, to fortify its hold on the population and to build institutions with the intention to advance and widen its circle of supporters.”

Back in 2010, the Hamas center of operations was uncovered in east Jerusalem, which the Israeli Shin Bet security service later raided. They found plans there that would cost millions of dollars to carry out. The Hamas HQ in east Jerusalem was even connected to Hamas members in other countries.

The Ynet report this week echoes concerns highlighted by a report in 2011 by the Israel Security Agency. In 2011, 13 Hamas military infrastructures were exposed in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), the heart of the territory coveted by the Palestinians for their state.

In other words, Hamas was already making a move to plan attacks from the West Bank well before Israel and the Palestinians launched their current “land for peace” talks.

Just imagine what grand terror plans Hamas can design if the Palestinians completely control that territory.

Even more disturbing is that “moderate” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who is negotiating with Israel has also been working for years to reconcile his political party with Hamas. That would bring peace to the Palestinian political divide, but it would kill any real peace with Israel.

All in all, the claims of peace from the leadership of half the Palestinians doesn’t harmonize with efforts to reconnect with the terrorist half of the Palestinian leadership. And even if the “moderates” really are moderate, Hamas has already started efforts to instill their ideology and even their militant activity in the area claimed by the Palestinians for their state.

“Land for peace” would achieve anything but that. The more likely outcome is a new terror state, led by Hamas in the heart of Israel’s capital of Jerusalem.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, January 28, 2014)

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