Iran Regime Claims Unrest Defeated, But Unjustified Imprisonment May Continue Protests

The most powerful security force in Iran and a close ally of the regime has claimed that the Iranian uprising has been crushed, but media reports and Twitter are implying that hasn’t happened yet. A reason for the latest outcry in Iran is due to the hundreds of people imprisoned …

Israel—An Ancient King of Making Glass

Centuries before the Land of Israel was a hub for the high-tech industry, the region was among the world leaders in another profession involving science, skill, and specialized knowledge: glass making. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced in a press release on Monday that they have discovered 1,600-year-old kilns used …

US to UN: Drone Incursion to Israel ‘Wake-up Call’ that Iran Plans to Stay in Syria

The Iranian drone that violated Israeli airspace last week was more than just an escalation—it’s a sign that peace in Syria is a ways away according to the United States and regional conflict may be here to stay. Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, warned the powerful …

Investigation: Turkey Turns ‘Blind Eye’—Sometimes Encourages—Hamas Illicit Activity

A Turkish citizen arrested in Israel for working with Hamas has helped unleash an investigation that led to accusations on Monday that Turkey has been ignoring—and at times enabling—Hamas fundraising and militaristic activity and has even indirectly allowed the terror group opportunity to research weapons for fighting Israel. The delve …

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Hamas Warns Temple Mount Metal Detectors Will ‘Ignite the Jerusalem Intifada’

July 23, 2017 Peace and Conflict

Palestinian use of the Temple Mount for incitement is nothing new. Illustrative banner of terrorists and Dome of the Rock. By Joshua Spurlock

One day after three Israeli civilians were murdered in their own home by a Palestinian terrorist, the armed-wing of the Hamas terrorist organization warned of a new wave of “heroic acts” according to the group’s website, due to the situation in Jerusalem. The website paraphrased Abu Obaida, spokesperson of Al Qassam Brigades, as also saying on Saturday that “Israeli aggression” in the holy city—presumably the placing of metal detectors at the main entrance to the Temple Mount and the ensuing clashes between violent Arabs and Israeli security forces—would “ignite the Jerusalem Intifada,” the Arabic word used for multiple terror campaigns.

The Hamas report noted what it termed an “anti-occupation stabbing” that killed three Israelis on Friday, referencing the brutal assault on an Israeli home that killed 70-year-old Yosef Solomon, 46-year-old Chaya Solomon, and 36-year-old Elad Solomon. Israeli Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld tweeted the victim’s names and ages, while retired IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner posted a graphic photo to Twitter of the blood-stained kitchen where the attack took place. The IDF Spokesperson’s Twitter feed posted a photo of Gazans celebrating the murders and then on Sunday, tweeted that a rocket was launched from Gaza at Israel but exploded in the air, resulting in no reported injuries. … Continue Reading

French President Denounces Anti-Zionism, Joins with Netanyahu to Oppose Terror

July 17, 2017 News

France and Israel don’t always see eye-to-eye, but they agree to oppose terror, anti-Semitism. French, Israeli flags. Illustrative.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regularly makes the point that the radicals threatening Israel are not merely the problem of the Jews, but of all of the free world. French President Emmanuel Macron—whose nation has faced some of the worst acts of terror in the last decade—had a message for the Jews on Sunday: Your problems aren’t just your own, but of all the free world.

In a stirring speech commemorating the 75th anniversary of the deportation of French Jews during the Holocaust, Macron repeatedly assailed anti-Semitism and racism, but didn’t stop by looking at the past. In a message poignant for today, Macron declared that anti-Semitism’s new form is anti-Zionism—the opposition to the State of Israel.

“We will not yield anything to hate messages, we will not give in to anti-Zionism because it is the reinvented form of anti-Semitism,” said Macron in comments published on the French Presidency website. “And we will not give in to all those who, on every continent, seek to make us renounce freedom, seek to recreate divisions, seek to make us renounce this humanity, our democracy, our Republic.” … Continue Reading

Palestinians Protest Metal Detectors to Prevent Temple Mount Terrorism

July 16, 2017 News

Palestinian use of the Temple Mount for incitement is nothing new. Illustrative banner of terrorists and Dome of the Rock. By Joshua Spurlock

After two Israeli police officers and three terrorist Arabs died in last Friday’s shooting attack in the Temple Mount area, Israel installed metal detectors to prevent future terror attacks. While that might seem like something everyone would want, the Palestinians were not only opposed to the security measures, some took to public protesting in Jerusalem in response. Eylon Levy, a news anchor for i24News in Israel, tweeted about his experience getting trapped in the Old City by a riot after covering a Palestinian prayer session meant to protest the metal detectors.

While the exact reason for the outburst was unclear to Levy, he tweeted that a prayer leader “lurched” at an Israeli policeman filming the prayers and “then all went crazy.” Levy’s tweets noted that the riots included religious Islamic chants, as well as cries of “with spirit and blood we’ll redeem Al Aqsa,” referring to the mosque near the Dome of the Rock atop the Temple Mount.

And it wasn’t just religious rioters who opposed the cameras. Even the Palestinian government got into the act. … Continue Reading

Palestinian ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Engage in Terrorism

July 16, 2017 Peace and Conflict

Illegal gun seized by Israel. Illustrative. Photo courtesy of ISA.

In Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, a romantic couple tragically die while attempting to make their forbidden love a reality. In the Palestinian real-life version of this drama, the couple was also rejected by their families, and then launched terror attacks targeting Israel. Amar Ahmed Lutfi Khalil and his fiancé Ruan Ambar perpetrated two shooting attacks on Saturday (July 15) “as a result of their families’ rejection of the engagement,” reported a press release from the Israel Security Agency (ISA).

The couple was eventually found by security forces. The IDF Spokesperson’s Twitter feed reported that Khalil attempted to open fire at the Israeli forces trying to arrest him, while the ISA noted that he was then killed by the arresting forces. Ambar surrendered herself to the Palestinian security forces.

The ISA also provided some background on Khalil, who was a weapons dealer and a former member of the Palestinian security forces. … Continue Reading

Irish FM Asked Why His Country Funds Groups Calling for Israel’s Destruction

July 12, 2017 Peace and Conflict

PM Netanyahu & Irish FM Coveney. Photo courtesy of Haim Zach (GPO)

That new Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney made his first trip outside of Europe a visit to Israel might be surprising. What makes it really unusual is that the Irish diplomat doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Israeli leadership regarding the Palestinian situation—but he got the full picture from them while he was there. In his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli leader made sure that Ireland knew Israel’s stance.

A summary of Netanyahu’s comments released by his office said that he noted to Coveney that Ireland “does not condemn Palestinians for incitement and for glorifying those who commit terrorist attacks,” while also asking him “why Ireland helps NGOs that call for the destruction of Israel.” And Netanyahu may have been generous, because some of the Irish aid allegedly goes to groups with ties to terrorists. At the least, the Irish diplomat himself openly promoted a journal that publishes aggressive anti-Israel rhetoric. … Continue Reading

Israel Backs A ‘Genuine Ceasefire’ in Syria, But Won’t Accept Iran on Border

July 9, 2017 Peace and Conflict

Will peace return to the Israel-Syria border region?
Golan Heights UN Peacekeepers. Illustrative. Photo Courtesy of UN Photo/Wolfgang Grebien.

The latest ceasefire in Syria—which CNN reported was brokered by the United States and Russia and covers the southern region that includes the border with Israel—may be a move towards reducing the violence in that nation’s bloody civil war. But while Israel supports that, the Jewish State won’t let a ceasefire provide cover for Iran to threaten Israel at the border.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear on Sunday that while his nation “will welcome a genuine ceasefire in Syria,” at the same time the ceasefire “must not enable the establishment of a military presence by Iran and its proxies in Syria,” according to comments released by his office.

Said the Israeli leader, “For our part we will continue to monitor developments beyond our borders while strongly upholding our red lines: Prevent the strengthening of Hezbollah via Syria, with emphasis on the acquisition of precision weapons, prevent Hezbollah—or Iranian forces—from establishing a ground presence along our border, and prevent the establishment of an Iranian military presence in Syria as a whole.” … Continue Reading

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