Lapid: Israel to Respond ‘Forcefully, Without Hesitation’ to Any Gaza Attack

Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System. Illustrative. Photo courtesy of Israel Ministry of Defense Spokesperson’s Office.

The night after United States President Joe Biden departed from his historic visit to Israel, Gaza terrorists launched at least four projectiles at Israel—and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said the IDF response was unexpectedly strong. Furthermore, Lapid made it clear on Sunday that Israel would act with similar speed and power in response to any future attack.Lapid, in comments published by Israel, said the IDF response to Friday night’s rockets “attacked targets in Gaza on a magnitude that they were not prepared for.

“This government’s policy has not changed. We will respond quickly, forcefully and without hesitation to every launch and every incendiary balloon. I commend the IDF on its strong and precise operation.”

The IDF Twitter page said that after the first wave of Gaza rockets, Israel “targeted one of Hamas’ most significant rocket production sites in Gaza. This strike will significantly impede Hamas’ force-building capabilities.” After the second wave of rockets, the IDF struck again. Said the IDF Twitter page, “In response to these attacks aimed at Israeli civilians, our fighter jets struck an additional Hamas weapons manufacturing site in Gaza.”

The IDF Twitter page emphasized the civilian impact of the Gaza rockets, including posting a dramatic video that appears to show Israel’s missile defense system destroying a rocket midair above a city with Israeli civilians running for safety. The video included the caption saying, “This is the moment innocent Israelis had to run for immediate shelter when terrorists in Gaza fired 2 rockets toward them. The IDF Aerial Defense Array intercepted 1 of the rockets, saving the lives of civilians below.”

Lapid, in his comments, noted the broader impact on Israeli civilians that go beyond the immediate threat of Gaza rockets. “From here, all of us, all members of the government, send a big hug to the children of the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip who slept in protected spaces Friday night.”

Gaza, which is ruled by the terrorist group Hamas, has fired thousands of rockets and mortars at Israel over the years. Israel has responded with counterstrikes, with the back-and-forth escalating to full military conflict more than once.

After months of calm, sporadic Gaza rocket attacks have recently resumed, with Lapid taking a firm stance against any further acts of terrorism. The goal is to deter future incidents. As the IDF Twitter post on Friday’s counterstrike noted, “We will continue to defend Israeli civilians from Hamas’ terrorism.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, July 17, 2022)

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