New Israeli Agency to Defend Civilians from Cyber Threats

Israel has one of the world’s best missile defense systems—the Iron Dome—to defend its civilians from rockets. Now it is working on the “air force” of cyber defense with a new security agency designed to protect civilian systems from technological threats.

The agency was formed after internal staff work determined the need for a link between the nation’s security and civilian worlds for cyber defense, according to a press release from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office. Netanyahu said the group will be concerned with “defending not only important facilities and security agencies, but how to defend Israeli citizens against these attacks.”

“This is the establishment of a new authority. It is, in effect, the creation of an air force against new threats and not rely on this being carried out by existing agencies,” said the Prime Minister.

Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) Head Dr. Eviatar Matania has been tasked with heading the new agency, and is expected to present a plan for the new group to the Security Cabinet within 60 days.

“This is a historic decision,” said Matania in the press release. “The establishment of a national cyber defense authority, alongside the effort to build advanced and unique technologies will bolster the State of Israel’s position as a leader in the field and make a major contribution to defending the economy and encouraging growth.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, September 21, 2014)


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