‘Moderate’ Palestinian Leader Calls Released Terrorists ‘Heroes’

When was the last time convicted murderers and their accomplices were called “heroes”? If you can’t recall, let me help: Today. And what terrorist-supporter had the gall to say such a thing? Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

And he’s supposedly the “moderate” Palestinian leader. Oh boy.

Ynet reported that all 26 Palestinian prisoners – freed by Israel as a gesture for the “peace” talks with the Palestinians – have been convicted of terrorism and were involved in crimes that claimed lives. Convicted murderers, and their accomplices.

And how were they greeted by the Palestinians? Were there speeches of remorse and peacemaking with Israel?
Nope. Instead, the WAFA Palestinian news agency quoted Abbas as promising “other batches of the heroes.”

And a “peace” deal with Israel apparently will depend on the release of many more terrorists.

“We promise you not to conclude a final agreement without all the prisoners released,” said Abbas.

Sounds more like the mafia praising released hitmen, not a group itching for peace.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew the contrast in public comments released by his office. “While we are prepared to take very painful steps in an effort to try and reach an agreement that would put an end to the conflict, they, along with their highest leadership, are celebrating,” said Netanyahu.

“Murderers are not heroes. This is not how one educates for peace. Peace can exist only when the education toward incitement and the destruction of Israel stops.”

(By Joshua Spurlock, www.themideastupdate.com, December 31, 2013)

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