Israeli Group Saves 4,000th Child’s Heart

Israeli medical teams help worldwide. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

Israeli medical teams help worldwide. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

When you save lives like this Israeli charity, impact tends to get measured in thousands: Consider one of the latest children who received life-saving heart surgery traveled more than 3,000 miles (more than 5,000 kilometers) to get to Israel, and he represented the 4,000th young person to benefit from the Save a Child’s Heart organization. But 4-year-old Sanusey almost didn’t make it the whole way, and it was Israeli doctors that first saved his life—and then saved it again more permanently.

Sanusey arrived in Israel last month and was at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel for an examination, when he collapsed and stopped breathing according to a press release from Save a Child’s Heart. The medical team at the facility spent more than an hour resuscitating the young boy from Gambia, Africa, and then took him into emergency surgery. Hours later, and a boy with a short-life expectancy had received two life-saving treatments in one day.

After a few days of recovery, Sanusey was sitting up and showing off his infectious smile. The press release said he is still recovering in Israel, but is playing with other children from all over the world and most importantly, he is healthy.

This treatment was made possible by the Israeli organization that exists to assist kids from developing countries. Children from dozens of nations have received treatment thanks to Save a Child’s Heart, according to the group’s media kit.

Sanusey was able to arrive in Israel thanks to Chairman of the Zionist Foundation UK, Paul Charney, who connected him with the Israeli Ambassador to West Africa, Paul Hirschson.

Thanks to the global networking, multiple children including Sanusey were able to make the trip to Israel according to Save a Child’s press release. That’s another batch of young Africans able to receive life-saving treatment, which is itself a feat. Because when you save lives like Save a Child’s heart, even the impact of thousands means the world to each one.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, June 16, 2016)


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