Israel Responds Defensively as Gaza Attacks Continue

The assault of rockets and mortars fired from Gaza at Israel has risen in recent months after a period of calm, and in response the Israelis moved an Iron Dome missile defense battery near the southern city of Ashkelon, according to an article on the IDF website. The IDF reported that the Iron Dome movement was due to the increase in attacks from Gaza.

Those attacks continued on Monday, with the IDF Twitter feed noting that a mortar shell hit Israel early in the morning. No injuries or damage were reported. According to the IDF Twitter account, as of Monday, the past week has seen southern Israel hit by at least six Gaza projectiles.

Israel has gone from a relatively quiet period with Gaza, to a partial flare up in recent weeks. The Iron Dome gives the Israelis a defensive option in responding to the attacks, as the device’s ability to intercept rockets in the sky helps prevent damage and casualties to Israeli civilians. Earlier this year, the Iron Dome was put into action for the first time and managed to successfully intercept multiple rockets.

Israel also reserves the option of responding offensively as well, targeting smuggling tunnels and terrorist sites in response to Gaza attacks.

In a spokesperson’s statement regarding one such response last Friday, and also posted on the IDF website, the Israeli military noted that they will “operate with determination and respond with force against any terror organization attempting to disturb the way of life or harm the citizens of Israel.”

(By Staff,, August 8, 2011)