Hamas Protests Targets Security Fence Again; Israel Takes Down Another Hamas Terror Tunnel

Gaza protests a cover for terrorism. Illustrative photo of Palestinian event. By Joshua Spurlock

Over the weekend, Israel thwarted another Hamas terror tunnel stretching from Gaza to Israel that could have been used for attacks on Israeli civilians, while Gaza has continued the violence above ground in the now regular border rioting inspired by Hamas. The IDF Blog reported that the targeted terror tunnel had “put the lives of hundreds of Israeli families at risk.” And the protests at the border are making the dangerous situation worse.

On Friday, the IDF Spokesperson posted to Twitter that multiple attempts were made to attack the security fence separating Israel from Gaza and posted a photo of a terrorist holding what appears to be an explosive device while near journalists and a handicapped person. Tweeted the IDF Spokesperson on Friday, “An explosive device was placed & detonated near the Karni Crossing in northern Gaza & a firebomb attached to a kite was dispatched. Meanwhile, explosive devices, rocks & firebombs have continued to be hurled.” Despite the chaos, the IDF isn’t allowing it to distract from the need to protect the border—including underground.

“The violent riots that have been taking place in the area of the security fence are an attempt to mask the terror attacks intended to take place above and below ground,” said the IDF Blog post on the weekend’s tunnel take down. “However, the IDF will not allow Israeli civilians to be harmed or Israeli sovereignty to be breached. It will continue operating with determination in the face of all forms of terrorism.”

The tunnel was intended to “infiltrate & kill Israelis” according to a Twitter post from Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Ofir Gendelman. In the last six months, the IDF has eliminated 8 Hamas terror tunnels, he noted in the tweet.

The tunnel was discovered by Israel early into its construction process and monitored, according to the IDF Blog. The post noted that Israeli military has a broad-ranging approach to terror tunnels, including building a security barrier underground.

Speaking about the latest tunnel destruction, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in comments released by his office on Sunday, “We will continue to deal with underground threats… We are operating in all sectors on behalf of Israel’s security and we underscore our backing for the IDF soldiers who are guarding our borders.”

The IDF Blog post contrasted the Israeli efforts to defend their civilians with the aggressive actions of Hamas.

“While the Hamas terror organization continues to invest significant resources into its futile terror activities instead of investing in the well-being of its own people, the IDF will continue operating to carry out its mission of protecting Israeli civilians and Israeli sovereignty,” said the post. “The IDF strives to ensure a stable security situation and preparedness for a variety of scenarios.”

(By Joshua Spurlock, www.themideastupdate.com, April 15, 2018)

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