Around the Middle East, A Reader’s Guide – 13th Edition

Iran is back in the news again – the world powers are very close to a breakthrough interim nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic. There’s just one problem: The deal is a bad one that could enable Iran to build a nuclear weapon down the road.

  • Experts are warning that the deal with Iran, which is thought to allow them to continue the production of nuclear fuel, will not only enable Iran to build the bomb, but encourage others to do so as well. Like the world needs more nations with nukes.
  • Israel doesn’t like the deal and is concerned Iran will get to the verge of nuclear weapons capability if the deal is signed. So what can they do? They could strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to this expert.
  • Ever wonder what the leaders of Iran think? It’s a lot of hatred towards Israel, that’s for sure. Even their Twitter posts show that.
  • And lest we forget Syria, the civil war continues to spread. Even Iran is affected – or at least their embassy in Lebanon.

What do you think?