What Biblical Prophecy Says about Syria: Part 1

UN Observer in Syria. Photo Courtesy of UN Photo/Neeraj Singh

The current civil war in Syria has ravaged a country with a rich history. But what about it’s future? The Bible has some shocking words about Syria, and the events of today could be the unfolding of Biblical prophecy right before our eyes.

Understanding Prophecy

Now, let’s be clear before we begin that Biblical prophecy is best understood after it has happened. In light of that, we often can’t make accurate predictions of the future based just on it. It’s more like a trailer for a new movie—prophecy provides the highlights and the high points, but many of the details are intentionally left out.

G-d is not into fortune telling so we can get rich or become famous as the new Nostradamus. He wants to prepare His people for what’s coming, so that when it happens they are ready. And after it’s happened, they can marvel at His foresight.

So we can’t know for certain if what’s happening today in Syria is what was prophesied ahead of time, or if that prophecy is decades down the road. But we can prepare either way.

In addition, there’s another crucial truth about prophecy: It’s often cyclical. A major event is foretold, and it basically comes to pass. Then many years later, a bigger, clearer version happens that fits the original prophecy even better.

The best example of this is the exile and return of Israel. G-d said it would happen, and it did under the reign of Babylon. Hundreds of years later, it happened again under Rome. The prophecy called for the restoration of the nation of Israel… and it happened. Then, after the second exile, it happened again, in an even more grandiose and miraculous occurrence in 1948.

So in looking at Syria, remember that history likely already has examples of these prophecies being fulfilled—at least partially. In light of that, not all of the prophetic words may happen again, it could be one of those “one time only” scenarios.

Still, the track record is that what happened before often happens again. So with all that in mind, we need to be watching the news today very closely to see if history is repeating itself in the most tragic of ways.

Next time, we’ll take a look at the most troubling prophecy about Syria, Damascus in ruins.