US Says Hamas Must Change, While Israel Notes 1000s of Animals Killed by Gaza Arson

Hamas has been harming Israelis for a long time. Illustrative results of Gaza rocket attack. Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson.

The main United States negotiator for Middle East peace called for Hamas to change it’s ways and recognize Israel in an Op-Ed on Friday, and one day later, another attack by Gaza terrorists had Israel noting that arson and explosive attacks had killed thousands of animals in addition to property damage. Jason Greenblatt, an assistant to US President Donald Trump and US Special Representative for International Negotiations, wrote in The Jerusalem Post last week an entire piece talking about the crisis in Gaza and what Hamas must do to improve the lives of their citizens. The op-ed was a response to an interview done by Hamas political leader Yahya Sinwar calling for the betterment of the lives of Gazans and noting that war is not the ultimate answer.

Aside from the obvious of renouncing terrorism, Greenblatt called for Hamas to recognize Israel, allow the Palestinian Authority to return to Gaza in a true political reconciliation, and accept the agreements the Palestinians have previously signed with Israel. The US envoy also hinted at human rights improvements to change the corruption and suppression Hamas employs in Gaza today.

Greenblatt noted that the outcome in Gaza is up to Hamas, and one day after the American’s editorial, a fuller picture of Hamas’ violence against Israel was tweeted out by the IDF following yet another attack.

“Over 8K acres of Israeli land burnt. 1000s of animals killed. Because of arson & explosive kites & balloons that terrorists in #Gaza fly over the border. A terrorist squad was just launching MORE arson balloons into #Israel. In response, an IDF aircraft fired at them,” said the IDF Spokesperson on Twitter.

Months of attacks by fire kites and balloons appear to have left more than just a physical mark on Israel. The IDF Spokesperson tweeted on Friday last week that “No parent should have to tell their children that balloons can kill,” before noting the IDF had responded to another such attack.

Greenblatt responded to that tweet with one of his own, condemning Hamas actions. “Sick-minded terrorists using toys as weapons. It’s not enough to send projectiles from Gaza into Israel to destroy & kill directly. Hamas endangers Israeli kids with balloons & kites. Hamas should be ashamed,” posted Greenblatt.

That condemnation came the same day as his Op-Ed questioning Hamas’ true interest in peace. It appears it took less than one day to find out the tragic answer for now.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, October 21, 2018)

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