US Plans to Resume Syrian Military Aid after Islamist Takeover

Ever wondered where your tax dollars are going? Well, if plans to resume nonlethal military aid to Syria get restarted, a total of $250 million will have eventually gone there. And it looks likely that some of your tax dollars paid for military aid that is now being used by terrorists. The big questions is: Will they get more?

Recently, a group of warehouses belonging to the moderate Syrian rebels was reportedly taken over by Islamists groups in Syria, according to newspapers such as The Observer. As a result, the US decided to suspend the nonlethal aid to Syria, for now. But the US announced on Sunday they plan to restart it.

US Secretary of State John Kerry told Martha Raddatz of ABC’s “This Week” he thinks they can restart the aid to the rebels “very quickly.”

“We’ve already had some proffers to have the warehouse protected and other kinds of things,” Kerry’s office quoted him as telling ABC. “But I think people want to be careful, have the meetings that we need to have, and make certain we can proceed forward thoughtfully. Nobody wants to just fill the warehouse up again and have it taken over again.”

No, we certainly do not.

The US has been critiqued to a degree for not doing enough in Syria by providing the moderate rebels with weapons, instead giving them bullet-proof vests, communications equipment and the like. But now, giving even those benign items should be called into question after radical Islamists took over the supplies warehouses.

I don’t want to be helping out Al-Qaeda allies, do you?

And Al-Qaeda is a growing threat in Syria. Could another Afghanistan be on its way? “Al-Qaida has greater clout there than it had before, and it’s an increasing threat,” said Kerry about Syria. “And it’s a threat we’re going to have to confront.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, December 16, 2013)

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