The Shooting Messenger? Palestinian Media to Blame for Gaza Violence

Palestinian TV leads to violence, which leads to warfare. IDF image of Gaza rocket site. Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson

Palestinian TV leads to violence, which leads to warfare. IDF image of Gaza rocket site. Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson

Some fires are started slowly. Faulty wiring, a gas leak, a candle left downstairs, or a burning cigarette tossed carelessly in the woods. Same with fires of the military-conflict variety. More often than not, one side doesn’t just decide one morning to open fire. It takes time and preparation.

And so when violence surged in Israel over the last week—a bus bombing, rocket attacks and an Israeli civilian killed by sniper fire along the Gaza border—it didn’t take Israeli Prime Minister’s Office Spokesman Mark Regev too long to highlight the problem: Palestinian incitement.

“Terrorist attacks on Israelis in the last few days are a direct result of the incitement & hatred propagated in Palestinian schools & media,” Regev  posted on Twitter Wednesday.

The comment followed the open praise on Hamas-run television by a Hamas spokesperson of the Sunday bus bombing in Tel Aviv. Just two days later, an Israeli civilian was killed by Gaza sniper-fire just two days later. The IDF Blog reported that the civilian was shot in the chest while doing maintenance along the Israel-Gaza security fence. Is it just coincidence that violence is praised on TV and then it happens again?

But Regev isn’t just concerned by open praise of violence. Silence is a problem buy viagra with dapoxetine online too—especially when it comes from the head of the supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority that’s negotiating peace with Israel.

“We are disappointed that so far President [Mahmoud] Abbas has not condemned these acts of terrorism as one would expect from a partner in peace talks,” Regev also tweeted on Wednesday.

Palestinian Media Watch often documents troubling images, statements and support for terrorists in Palestinian media under Abbas’ influence. In other words, just because the worst stuff is on Hamas TV, doesn’t mean that Abbas’ TV stations are promoting peace. Far from it.

In response to the killing near Gaza, Israel bombed multiple terror targets in Gaza, including a concealed rocket launcher and a weapon manufacturing facility. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF Spokesman, was quoted by the IDF Blog as saying, “The security fence is paramount in protecting the civilians of the state of Israel and preventing the terrorists from reaching our towns and communities.

“The IDF will continue to operate against those who use Gaza as a safe haven for terrorism against our civilians. Israel holds the Hamas terror organization accountable for all acts of terrorism originating from the Gaza Strip.”

It was the most serious surge of violence since last year’s Gaza-Israel war. Hopefully, it will be the last; tragically, that’s not likely.

Curious what’s showing on Palestinian TV?

(By Joshua Spurlock,, December 25, 2013)

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