The Mideast Update Speaks with Jeremy Gimpel of ‘The Jewish Home’ Party – Part 2

Home in Ma'ale Adummim Settlement.

The 2013 Israeli elections are set to be held on January 22 and the party that has surprised the most is Habayit Hayehudi, or The Jewish Home in English. The Jewish Home has surged from an unimportant three seats in the current government to 13 or 14 seats according to most polls, enough to make them the third largest party in the next Knesset (parliament).

One of the candidates featured prominently in The Jewish Home’s advertising toward English-speaking Israelis is Jeremy Gimpel, who along with Ari Abramowitz runs

The Mideast Update spoke with Gimpel by phone on Sunday, January 13, to learn more about The Jewish Home party and its success.

Click the link below to listen to part two of excerpts of the interview, in which Gimpel contrasts The Jewish Home with other Israeli parties on the Right and shares more of his party’s vision for Israel:




The Jewish Home party – Jeremy Gimpel, Part 2