Syria: Peace-Conference Planned to End ‘World’s Greatest Threat’

It’s perhaps the most anticipated sequel since the second Batman film. Ok, maybe not, but you should hope the second Syria peace conference is unlike most sequels and is better than the first.

The Syrian civil war has been deadlocked for months, and was called “the world’s greatest threat to peace and security” by the head of the United Nations. It’s rocking the Middle East and could lead to surging oil prices, major war or chemical weapons reaching terrorists. So no pressure on those meeting at the second Syria peace conference – which is now set for January.

The UN News Centre reported that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has announced the conference will be held January 22. More importantly, both the Syrian regime and the opposition are expected to be there – finally.

The last conference, held last year, was a dud as the sides didn’t even meet together. But a year-and-a-half later, the sides are at last set to talk.

The goal is to eventually hammer out a transition in which the fighting ends and an interim government takes over Syria until true democracy can be set up.

Will it happen in January? Probably not. But you should care that it does soon before the civil war – which has already led to violence in nearby nations – turns into a full-blown regional war.

So here’s hoping that this sequel is award-winning and successful. We’ve had enough bombs in the Middle East already.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, November 26, 2013)

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