Saudi Arabia Shiites Targeted by ISIS—Is Saudi Government Next?

Regional fight? The battle with ISIS is across the Middle East and growing hotter. Middle East educational sign post showing distance between major locations. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

Where to next? The battle with ISIS is across the Middle East and moving into Saudi Arabia. Middle East educational sign post showing distance between major locations. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

ISIS (ISIL) has set its sights on Saudi Arabia, and while the Shiite sect of Islam is their current target, they likely won’t stop there in their fight in Islam’s holiest country. Following a pair of recent bombing attacks on Shiite mosques in the oil-rich nation, a report from Sputnik News cited sources saying that an audio from ISIS’ Saudi branch has called for Shiites to be “killed everywhere” and made the “Shiite threat” a rally cry for Saudi youth to join ISIS.

Even more troubling is that this report follows a plan of action from ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi in November saying that after the Shiites, the next target in Saudi Arabia would be the country’s monarchy, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Saudi monarchy that leads the country has traditionally been an ally of the West and has spearheaded the regional fight with Iranian allies in Yemen. Losing Saudi Arabia in the battle with Iran would be a blow to the West and Israel.

So far, the situation hasn’t been dire enough to raise such concerns. But the LA Times article cited a Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman who said that reliable online pharmacy valium since last year, almost 400 people—the majority of them Saudis—have been arrested over accusations of links to ISIS.

On the ground, recent events have highlighted the risk terrorism poses to Saudi Arabia. The US strongly condemned the mosque bombings, the second of which took place on Friday. The US statement said 4 persons were reportedly killed in that attack, after 21 lost their lives in the bombing the week before.

“We deplore the brutality of the terrorists who perpetuated this violence at places of worship. These acts again highlight the complete disregard that these terrorists have for human life,” Jeff Rathke, State Department director of Press Relations, said in the American statement.

“The United States stands with the people of Saudi Arabia against this violence and remains committed to working with the Saudi government and our international partners to fight violent extremism in the region.”

In addition to two recent mosque bombings, of which the LA Times said ISIS took credit, the radical group is also believed to have been involved in the killing of a Saudi general.

With ISIS reportedly making newsworthy gains in Syria while still battling in Iraq and achieving headlines in Libya, the violence in Saudi Arabia is more than just another report. It’s a disturbing trend for the terror group bent on establishing a new Islamic empire.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, May 31, 2105)

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