Netanyahu Calls for More Funds for Israel’s Defense Per ‘2030’ Security Review

Israel’s security needs money to fight Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds up piece of Iranian UAV in February. Illustrative. Photo courtesy of Amos Ben Gershom GPO

Israel’s defense budget will need to grow over the next decade to address the wide range of threats facing the nation—including funding missile defense—as part of their “2030 security concept” announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. The security review considers the upcoming expected threats and as a result of those dangers calls for a larger budget for Israel’s defense. Netanyahu, according to a press release from his office, plans to increase Israel’s security budget by 0.2-0.3% of Israel’s overall economic output, or Gross National Product (GNP), with the goal for the budget to eventually average 6% of GNP.

Israel would have multiple plans for spending the monies, including “Major power-level cyber capabilities”, enhanced offensive abilities to take the fight to the enemy and improving anti-missile defense.

“In the last 20 years we have cultivated a free economy in order to serve national needs, especially security,” said Netanyahu in the press release. “Against the accumulated threats we are at a turning point. Today we are called upon to invest more in security in order to defend our achievements and ensure continued economic growth.” Those upgrades come as Iran is again making headlines for military plans of their own to beat missile defense systems.

The Iranians unveiled a new missile on Monday that they boasted can get past missile defense systems and dodge radar, according to the Fars News Agency. A separate report by Fars on the same unveiling ceremony quoted Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami making it clear that his country would continue to upgrade their missile capabilities.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s missile power is a defensive deterrent power and as I had promised our dear people, I will not spare any efforts to increase the country’s missile capabilities and certainly, we will increase our missile power on a daily basis,” Fars quoted Hatami as saying.

Despite claims the missiles are defensive, Iran has repeatedly threatened to devastate Israel while calling the Jewish State a “cancer” and has provided missiles to terrorists throughout the Middle East.

In light of the Iranian threat and others, Israel understandably needs to budget with the risks in mind.

“Due to our small area, the population concentration and the numerous threats around us, Israel will always have security needs that are much greater than any other state of similar size. Today the Israeli economy is strong enough to allow for this supplement, “said Netanyahu.

The Israeli leader sees his country’s economy and defense establishment as not only meeting their internal needs, but making them a better player on the world stage as well.

Said Netanyahu, “The combination of our security and economic strengths will increase Israel’s status as an asset in the eyes of other countries and thereby increase our diplomatic strength.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, August 15, 2018)

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