Israelis Prevent Gazans from Breaching Border, Launching Terror Attack

Israeli soldiers prevent another terror attack. Israeli Soldiers. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

Four terrorists carrying an axe, petrol and other means of destruction were neutralized as they aimed to break through the Israel-Gaza border on Sunday. The IDF Spokesperson posted a series of tweets stating that the aggressors reached the area of the security fence that separates Israel from the Gaza Strip “with the intention of infiltrating Israel & carrying out a terror attack.” However, the IDF kept an eye on them and after the terrorists sought to damage the security fence, the Israeli military fired at the would-be infiltrators, killing three of them.

“An attempt to damage security infrastructure, breach Israel’s sovereignty, & carry out an attack was thwarted,” continued the IDF Spokesperson in a series of tweets. “The IDF will continue to operate against those who attempt to harm Israel, its civilians, or security infrastructure.”

The Twitter feed included a photo showing the tools of the malicious trade that the terrorists had brought with them, including gloves, a metal cutter and an oxygen mask. In recent weeks, the Israelis have faced regular riots at the Gaza border that have included attempts to breach or damage the security fence infrastructure, as well as other acts of violence. In these efforts, the Hamas terror group has put their own Gazan civilians in harm’s way by encouraging the border violence and sending some of their own footsoldiers to carry out mayhem under cover of the protests.

A day after Sunday’s attack was thwarted, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the IDF for the strong will and their moral code.

“The enemies who threaten us with destruction should know that they will encounter an iron wall. They cannot overcome us and they are putting themselves in grave danger,” said Netanyahu on Monday. “In contrast to our enemies, we wage our struggle while upholding purity of arms and while making a constant effort to avoid harming innocents as much as possible. No military is more moral than the IDF.”

Speaking at a ceremony celebrating 70 years of the IDF, Netanyahu noted that the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 has not brought an end to attacks from their enemies.

“What it has brought is the ability to make war against our enemies. Whoever hurts us, we will hurt them… We will continue to guard the State of Israel, a precious legacy that has been placed in our hands.”

Netanyahu noted that a short distance away from the ceremony is a battle site for the army of the Maccabees—who fought for independence against Greece more than 2,000 years ago. The current Israeli leader noted that the Maccabees “did not stop until they had achieved victory.”

“This is your mission as well,” said Netanyahu to today’s Israeli soldiers. “Victory in battle, victory in war, victory over our enemies, if war is forced on us.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, May 7, 2018)

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