Israeli Soldier Killed, Others Wounded in Multi-Location Terror Attack

Terror knife attack strikes again. Illustrative photo of knives. Photo courtesy of Israel Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority

It started with a knife and continued with a gun, as a Palestinian terrorist on Sunday stabbed and killed a 19-year-old Israeli soldier, stole his gun and continued the rampage by shooting at Israelis at a bus stop. Another soldier was wounded in the second attack. The IDF Twitter account recapped the day of terror, noting that after the stabbing occurred at Ariel junction and the Palestinian had stolen the gun, the terrorist opened fire at civilians there before heading off to the second location in a car.

The Twitter feed for Israeli paramedic group Magen David Adom initially reported three people were being treated with gunshot wounds, one in critical condition. A follow up tweet said two persons “severely wounded” were being transferred to the hospital.

The IDF Twitter feed reported that Staff Sgt. Gal Keidan was the soldier killed in the initial stage of violence. According to the IDF Twitter feed, the wounded soldier was taken for medical care, while the terrorist remained at large. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in comments released by his office on Sunday, expressed confidence the attacker would be found.

“I offer my support to the soldiers of the IDF, the ISA and the security forces who are pursuing” the terrorist, said Netanyahu. He went on to say he is “certain” they would apprehend the attacker and would deal with him “to the fullest extent of the law as we have done in all of the recent incidents.”

United States Presidential envoy and Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt not only condemned the terrorism on Twitter, but also slammed the Palestinian response to the violence. He not only listed terror groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), but also the supposedly “moderate” Palestinian Authority.

“Disgustingly, but not surprisingly, Hamas & PIJ welcomed the attack & no doubt the Palestinian Authority will reward the terrorist under its pay for slay policy. I’m praying for the families of the victims & a speedy recovery for the injured,” Greenblatt tweeted.

The attack comes just days after Gaza violence spiked, with multiple rocket attacks on Israel, per the IDF Twitter page, and Israel responding by striking 100 Hamas targets.

In his comments on Sunday, Netanyahu said, “Israel views with utmost gravity the firing at us of rockets from the Gaza Strip at the weekend. Hamas bears the responsibility for all attacks from the Gaza Strip, whether the firing is intentional or in error.

“Therefore, I ordered to attack 100 Hamas terrorist targets; the IDF struck them hard. If necessary we will step up these attacks in order to continue ensuring quiet for Israel’s citizens.”

That resolve in the face of terrorism was featured after Sunday’s terror spree as well. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin offered his condolences to the family of the slain IDF soldier Keidan on Twitter, and then continued, “We will continue to fight terrorism. We will continue to build our lives without fear, from a deep commitment to the State of #Israel and the safety of its citizens.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, March 17, 2019)


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