Israeli Hospital Helps Save Gaza Kids

The Israel-Gaza situation has involved many lives hanging in the balance, but for several Palestinian children the Israelis are tipping scales in their favor. The kids, suffering from kidney disease, are currently getting “lifesaving therapy” from Rambam Medical Center in Israel, according to a hospital press release.

Almost as significantly, the hospital and an Israeli company are providing a treatment to bring home, enabling the young people to live closer-to-normal lives.

Four Palestinian children, ranging in age from 15 to six-months, have received hemodialysis treatments that clean the blood artificially. Three of them have transitioned to an overnight dialysis that will enable them to return home and to school.

This process, known as “peritoneal dialysis,” is what will be provided to those kids’ families so they can receive treatments at home. Previously, such treatment was not available in Gaza or the West Bank. As a result of this where to buy viagra in perth w.a home treatment, the children will be able to return to school for the first time in three years.

“The hemodialysis treatment that these children were given before their arrival at Rambam was associated with medical complications, resulting in a worsening of their condition and many hospitalizations,” Mahdi Tarabia, Head Nurse of the Pediatric Nephrology Unit at Rambam, was quoted by the press release as saying.

“Now, these families have the skills to administer peritoneal dialysis, which represents a significant improvement in the children’s circumstances and will enable them to function almost normally.”

The medical officials in Gaza and the West Bank have worked with Rambam to help the kids. The four children mentioned in the press release are just a handful of tens of Palestinian children who have received assistance from Rambam for kidney diseases.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, September 24, 2012)