Israel Warns Bad Deal with Iran Worse than No Deal

Netanyahu. Photo Courtesy of UN-Photo/Marco Castro

Netanyahu. Photo Courtesy of UN-Photo/Marco Castro

If you can’t sign something nice, don’t sign anything at all – especially when it involves a nuclear deal with fanatic dictator. With the major world powers set to resume nuclear negotiations with Iran this month, Israel warned them not to ease sanctions in exchange for a partial concession by Iran.

“I think that there’s nothing wrong with diplomacy if it achieves a good deal. But a bad deal is worse than no deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying by his office. And what is a bad deal?

“A bad deal is a partial deal that removes the sanctions, or most of them, and leaves Iran with the capacity to enrich uranium and pursue the plutonium route to nuclear bombs,” said Netanyahu of the two routes to the nuclear fuel for bombs.

Iran has long insisted on retaining what they call their “right” to enriching nuclear fuel themselves for what they claim is a peaceful nuclear program. But Netanyahu pointed out that one of Europe’s countries, the Czech Republic, has nuclear power without enriching their own fuel.

“They have nuclear energy. They have many reactors. But they don’t have heavy water plutonium reactors, which are only used for weapons, and they don’t have centrifuges for enrichment, because that’s what you need to make weapons,” said Netanyahu.

While there are nations that enrich nuclear fuel that don’t have plans to use nuclear weapons to rule their part of the world, Iran is not them—they’re a dictatorship that hates America and could put you at risk. “What does Iran insist on? Centrifuges for enrichment and plutonium reactors. They don’t need it and they shouldn’t have it,” said Netanyahu. “A regime that has violated every UN resolution, that participates in mass murder in Syria, that continues terrorism around the world, doesn’t have a right to enrich. Especially since it’s very clear that they are seeking nuclear weapons.”

And so Netanyahu warned the world shouldn’t accept a partial deal with Iran without the dismantling of the Iranian nuclear fuel program. Said Netanyahu of Iran, “What they want is merely the relaxation of sanctions without the real cessation of Iran’s program to develop military nuclear capability. That is unacceptable. The sanctions must be continued, they must be strengthened until the Iranian military nuclear program is dismantled.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, October 8, 2013)


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