Israel Holds Elections Today: Here’s What You Need to Know

Knesset Candidate Jeremy Gimpel. Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Gimpel.

The elections for the next Israeli Knesset (parliament) are being held today, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hoping for a second term while leftist parties are looking to unseat him. Polling republished by Haaretz shows the final tally between the political Right and Left is expected to be relatively close. As noted by The Mideast buy klonopin without Update, the religious parties in Israel could prove to be the swing votes.

While the voting will be over by tonight, the makeup of the next Israeli coalition will just be getting started. Depending on how well Netanyahu’s Likud party ends up performing, and the other Right and Left parties, it may take weeks for the nominee to be the next prime minister to bring together a coalition of parties to head the Knesset.

The Mideast Update has been covering the election throughout January. If you’ve missed any of our coverage, here are the links to our reports explaining the election process, the parties and our exclusive interview with one of the candidates. Be sure to keep watching for more coverage as the elections conclude and the coalition-forming begins.

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