Islam Media Manipulation: Downplay Terror, Change Temple Mount Name

The Palestinians are trying to convince the media to change the name of the Temple Mount and stop calling it by its historic name, according to a copy of the announcement reported by Matthew Kalman’s blog. The official statement published on the blog went so far as to call the Temple Mount designation “inaccurate,” saying it was “not a disputed territory.”

This despite enormous archaeological, historical, and Biblical data declaring the site to be that of the two Jewish Temples. And when they aren’t trying to manipulate the media, the Palestinians were publishing their own version calling Wednesday’s vehicular terrorism an accident and seeking to blame Israel in the attack. The Turks published a similar comment. This comes despite the public praising of the attack by the Hamas terror organization, according to the Ma’an News Agency.

The Americans also referred to the attack as terrorism. However, the official Palestinian news called Wednesday’s car terror attack a traffic accident. The Palestinian Wafa news agency even went so far as to say the terrorist “lost control” of his car, which killed an Israeli border guard officer.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) has summoned Israel bureau chief of the Turkish Anadolu Agency over a Tweet that called the terrorist a “Palestinian man shot dead by the Israeli police.”

The GPO press release went on to say, “Journalists who engage in incitement and who disseminate misleading information which is liable to put lives at risk are liable to have their GPO [press access]cards revoked.”

The Americans had no trouble describing the car attack as terrorism. In comments released by the State Department, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday, “We condemn the terrorist attack in Jerusalem this morning that killed at least one person when a car was driven wantonly, purposefully into pedestrians.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, November 6, 2014)


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