Hezbollah Member Arrested on Terror Charges in Cyprus

Photo Courtesy of UN-Photo/Marco Castro

A Lebanese man who reportedly admitted to being a member of Hezbollah was arrested in Cyprus earlier this month on terrorism charges focusing on Israeli targets. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, citing Cypriot media, said the man had Israeli flight schedules and tour bus information. The report said the investigation indicated the man planned to bomb a plane or bus.

The incident comes in a growing list of foiled terror attacks on Israeli targets abroad. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu highlighted that array of locales in his comments on the Cypriot plot.

“There are no borders to Iranian terrorism. After Iran sent its people to assassinate—on US soil—the Saudi Arabian ambassador and to perpetrate terrorist attacks in Azerbaijan, Bangkok, Tbilisi, New Delhi and Africa, its intention to perpetrate attacks in Cyprus has now been exposed,” said Netanyahu’s office in a statement.

The Israeli leader said of Iran, “The international community needs to fight the greatest exporter of terrorism in the world.”

(By Staff, www.themideastupdate.com, July 15, 2012)