Gaza Terrorists Hit Israeli Home; Netanyahu Compares Hamas to ISIS

After violating the ceasefire with Israel on Tuesday, Gaza terrorists intensified their rocket attacks on Israel—while Israel has responded with a number of airstrikes of their own against Gaza terror targets. On Wednesday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Twitter feed reported that a civilian home was hit by just one of the more than 200 rockets fired at Israel since Tuesday.

Israel has hit back, targeting two terrorists who fired at Israel earlier in the day, as well as making other air strikes. Following the violation of the last ceasefire by Gaza terrorists, the IDF Spokesperson’s feed tweeted, “Israeli cities are under rocket attack. Millions of Israelis are running to bomb shelters. Hamas made its decision. Now we will make ours.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made similar comments on Wednesday, comparing Hamas to the ISIS terror group in Iraq.

“Our policy toward Hamas is simple: If they fire, they will be hit, and not just hit but hit very hard.,” said Netanyahu in a statement released by his office. “And if Hamas does not understand this today, it will understand it tomorrow. And if not tomorrow then the day after tomorrow because in the Middle East, one needs not just military power but stamina and patience.”

Netanyahu said that Israel had dealt the “harshest blow that Hamas has taken since it was founded,” promising to keep up the fight until Israel is secure.

Said Netanyahu, “Instead of attrition, Hamas will be crushed—its infrastructures, terrorists and commanders.”

Netanyahu also compared Hamas to ISIS. “They’re branches of the same tree. And I can say that the entire world has been shocked by the atrocities of ISIS…

“Well, we face the same savagery. The people who wantonly rocket our cities and want to conduct mass killings, and when they can they murder children, teenagers; they shoot them in the head, throw people from the sixth floor—their own people; and use their people as human shields.”

Netanyahu, who used his comments to express the hope that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will play a “constructive role” in the situation, said Hamas is an enemy to more than just Israel.

“They’re the enemies of peace; they’re the enemies of Israel; they’re the enemies of all civilized countries. I believe they’re the enemies of the Palestinians. And I’m not the only one who believes it.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, August 20, 2014)

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