Gaza Rocket Hits Israeli House

A medium-range Grad rocket fired from Gaza struck a house in the Israeli town of Netivot over the weekend, as the rocket fire has picked up in the month of September. No serious injuries were reported by the IDF website. Another rocket hit an open field near the major Israeli southern town of Beersheba.

The IDF website reported that the rocket hit the roof of the house above the living room. The Israeli military said that more than 10 rockets have been fired at Israel in the first nine days of September, roughly the same number of attacks as the entire month of August, according to the Israel Security Agency (ISA).

The ISA report for August said that 12 rockets and three mortars were launched at Israel during that month.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the terror attack during comments with visiting German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle on Sunday. The Israeli Premier also issued a warning to the terrorists as well.

“You come on a day when our security is again tested; when terrorists from Gaza are firing at Israel’s cities. I’m absolutely committed to making clear to these terrorists that they can’t do this with impunity,” Netanyahu was quoted by a press release as saying. “They have paid a price in the past for these crimes and they’ll pay a price again.”

Westerwelle made his own comments on the matter of Israel’s security, including the Iranian nuclear concern. “We condemn every kind of terrorist attacks against Israel,” the German diplomat was quoted as saying.

“We stand together with Israel, which means, of course, that we share also the concern about the Iranian nuclear program. For us any kind of… nuclear arms in the hands of the Iranian government is not an option and we will not accept this.”

(By Joshua Spurlock,, September 9, 2012)