Gaza Ceasefire: Calm Met with Calm

Amid media reports of a ceasefire to end the recent Gaza conflict escalation, leaders from Israel and the Palestinians have both expressed a willingness to meet calm with calm. However, both sides have also made clear that they will respond to renewed fighting, even as multiple rockets have been fired at Israel today.

Islamic Jihad leader Daoud Shihab told the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency that his group would adhere to the truce arrangement, but “if Israel does not commit, we will reply.” Israel’s military expressed a similar sentiment.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz was quoted by the IDF as saying in a recent interview, “We must appreciate the public’s endurance and cooperation while following the ongoing phentermine hcl generic situation. Calm will be reciprocated with calm, and fire will be reciprocated with fire.”

Meanwhile, at least seven projectiles landed in Israel since daybreak on Tuesday, according to the IDF. Often ceasefires that end Gaza escalations involve a smaller number of rockets or mortars as a sort of “final say” to the conflict and stand in clear contrast to the more than 200 rockets fired since Friday.

The IDF said their last airstrike occurred last night at 10:20 pm Israel time.

While it appears the current round is over, it remains to be seen how long the quieter period will last or how many rockets will punctuate the relative calm.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, March 13, 2012)