Europe Trying to Fix Iran Nuke Sanctions

Europe is trying to save their sanctions on Iran before courts bring them down, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Iran is under tough European sanctions due to the illegal Iranian nuclear program.

The economic sanctions are in place to pressure Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons. So if they crack and the pressure wanes, Iran could be more likely to get nukes. Considering Iran is a major sponsor of global terrorism, nukes for them are bad for you.

The Wall Street Journal reported that European courts have struck down some of the European Union’s sanctions that target banking and shipping. In an effort to keep the sanctions on Iran, Europe is trying to redefine or restructure the sanctions so as to prevent the courts from striking them down again.

This is especially important for now, since Europe is currently among those negotiating with Iran to convince them to give up elements of their nuclear program that can be used to build weapons. So keeping the pressure on Iran gives Europe more bargaining power.

While Europe is trying to save their sanctions, the US apparently feels theirs are good enough, The Wall Street Journal is reported US President Barack Obama is trying to convince Congress not to increase Iran sanctions at this time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, was recently quoted by his office as saying pressure on Iran is needed during the negotiations. “I just heard Iranian officials that the most recent round of talks were useful and constructive. Well, I’m sure for Iran it’s useful and constructive, because they just win time in order to continue their enrichment program to create fissile material for nuclear weapons,” said Netamyahu. “I think the talks will be useful and constructive when the pressure on Iran will get them to cease and desist” nuclear fuel enrichment and their plutonium reactor.

Both are primary methods towards achieving nuclear weapons.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, October 29, 2013)

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