Egypt May Strike at Palestinians for Terror Attacks

Could Egypt be next to target Gaza? IDF image of Gaza rocket site. Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson

Could Egypt be next to target Gaza? IDF image of Gaza rocket site. Illustrative. Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson

There may be a new conflict brewing in the Middle East involving Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip. But it’s not Israel they’re fighting—it’s Egypt. The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported that Egypt has made ominous plans for targets to strike in Gaza if attacks continue on Egyptian soldiers in Egypt.

The Egyptian Sinai, which borders Gaza, has been a hotbed for terrorists for years. More recently, the violence there against Egyptian troops has stepped up following the military takeover of Egypt over the summer. Egyptian officials told Ma’an that smaller groups with ties to Hamas—which rules Gaza—are “behind the violence” in Sinai. The Egyptian-Gaza conflict could end up being helpful for you if Egypt wins.

Gaza has long used the Sinai to smuggle in weapons and terrorists in and out of Gaza to attack Israel. This has led to two Israel-Gaza wars and years of off-and-on conflict. Egypt has been somewhat lukewarm on stopping Gaza from using the Sinai. But now that’s changing.

Egypt has labeled the smuggling tunnels that link Gaza and the Sinai as a key concern, with a senior official telling Ma’an they play a “major role in the communication” between terrorists in Gaza and Egypt.

For now, ongoing fighting in the Middle East is generally not a good thing for you, and an upsurge in fighting that could involve Egyptian military strikes wouldn’t be so nice in the short-term either for gas prices or general stability.

But in the long-term, real Egyptian control of their border and a real shutdown of the terror smuggling could lead to a calmer, more peaceful Middle East, and that’s good for everyone.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, October 3, 2013)

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