Around the Middle East, A Reader’s Guide – 5th Edition

Build-up to a strike in Syria has dominated the headlines all week, after a chemical weapons attack by the regime there killed hundreds—including children. But now politics and debate are overshadowing military plans. Here’s what you should know:

  • The Syria plans are losing steam now that the UK won’t be joining the Syria strike after the British Parliament voted against it. That means one of America’s top allies isn’t helping—a blow to the overall legitimacy and strength of a response to the Syrian atrocity.
  • Undeterred by Britain’s decision not to take part, France still wants to do something in Syria.
  • The US is also still planning on doing something. Their goals are all about re-establishing deterrence—to Syria and Iran.
  • Anxiety has risen in Israel over fears that Syria will attack them in response to a global strike. But this author points out that that is unlikely—even the steps by the Israeli government show they don’t believe it will really happen.

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