Around the Middle East, A Reader’s Guide

Threats and dangers have certainly lurked in the Middle East news in recent weeks. The US closed embassies over Al Qaeda threats; Egypt’s political mess left the West discouraged and concerned about renewed violence. And this human rights organization has satellite images showing the Syrian regime is blasting neighborhoods to bits with missiles.

As our weekly weekend ritual, I’ve included some interesting food for thought in the links below. A lot is happening as usual, and this will help you stay informed. Enjoy!

  • Al Qaeda’s threat to the US is a global one, as evidenced by this conference call that looked like a super villain meeting in a comic book. In fact, the Al Qaeda-inspired presence in the Egyptian Sinai has Israel and the US worried.
  • Could the Israel-Palestinian “peace talks” result in more violence and dead Israelis? This author fears the worst because the Palestinians have a back-up plan to talks with Israel.
  • The Saudis tried to bribe Russia to stop supporting the bloodthirsty Syria regime with billions of dollars. And Russia said no.

What do you think?