Around the Middle East, A Reader’s Guide

Another week has come and gone in the Middle East, and it’s been a busy one. The Israelis and the Palestinians have restarted peace talks (and if you want to know if those will result in a deal or not, read my article here); the violence in Egypt continued and Syria is still a mess. Looking ahead just a bit, we’ve got good evidence that the new President of Iran is just as disturbing as the old one; that despite the renewal of peace talks, violence against Americans in the Middle East is still a real worry; and Egypt is still on edge. I’ve included some links to good reading material below so you can stay aware of the many goings on.

  • Iran’s new President Rouhani had raised hopes he’d be a reformer. Well, his tune of hate certainly isn’t anything new. These spiteful words should sound familiar (see Hitler, Adolf).
  • So peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are back, and that means the world is whole again, right? Wrong. Turns out the Americans’ efforts to give the Palestinians chunks of Israel’s G-d-given lands still hasn’t bought peace in the Middle East. In fact, this terror threat is very real and near.
  • The Egyptian authorities have made their warnings, but the supporters of ousted President Morsi aren’t listening. Are more violent clashes on the way? Will this once proud country head for civil war?

What do you think?