Around the Middle East, A Reader’s Guide – 12th Edition

The Iranian nuclear crisis is getting more and more serious. The world is determined to negotiate a deal with them to avoid a war, but will we end up with nuclear-armed terrorists instead? Here’s a look:

• By the middle of next year, Iran could build a nuclear weapon in as little as two weeks, according to this expert. Now that’s scary.

• But the Obama Administration is diplomatic, to a fault. They’re trying to convince Congress not to pass more sanctions on Iran during this round of negotiations. Ever heard of leverage, Mr. President?

• It’s not all about Iran. Israel and Hamas had a minor skirmish today in an operation aimed at preventing an even greater attack by the Palestinian terrorists. Hamas is getting desperate, especially as the Israel-Palestinian peace talks – which Hamas is boycotting – continue. Expect more violence during the “peace talks.”

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