Analysis: Israel’s Palestinian Test Is Yet to Come

The newly formed unity government between the Palestinian Fatah faction and the Hamas terrorist group threatens millions of Israelis and is probably the worst thing that has happened to Israel in a while. In fact, the odds of a major war in the heart of Israel has gone up tremendously, and here’s why.

The supposedly “moderate” Fatah group split with Hamas in 2007 and has actually helped Israel control terrorism in the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) region. This isn’t because Fatah likes Israel—they just hated Hamas. But while the security arrangement with Israel hasn’t collapsed yet, one has to wonder if Fatah will keep Hamas from striking at Israel’s most important cities.

The Israeli government hasn’t missed the fact that Hamas remains a threat, although the Americans have apparently forgotten the fact that Hamas is designated a terror group by the US.

Israeli Minister of Intelligence Dr. Yuval Steinitz on Thursday slammed the US inconsistency, saying in a press statement, “Pursuant to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement to the effect that the new Palestinian government is ‘committed to previous agreements’, we must ask: Is it his intention to now demand that [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] and his government publicly reiterate their commitment to ‘the principle of complete demilitarization’ which constitutes a cornerstone of the Oslo accords, and to begin dismantling and destroying the thousands of missiles stationed in the Gaza Strip?”

“If not, the Palestinian remarks about ‘honoring previous agreements’ border on deception and fraud.”

Besides the absurdity of a government being a “partner for peace” while actually partnering with terrorists, is the risk that those missiles and weapons could reach Judea and Samaria and threaten Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Previously, if Hamas fired a rocket at Israel, the Israeli Air Force retaliated by bombing a terror target in Gaza. But when a terrorist struck in Judea and Samaria, the Israelis accepted the idea that Abbas wasn’t behind it.

But now, as head of a government infiltrated with enemies of Israel, the Israeli government is at risk of a genuine war. What if a Hamas terrorist shoots at an Israeli civilian car in Judea and Samaria now? What if Hamas fires a rocket from Ramallah at Jerusalem? For that matter, what about fire from Gaza?

The Israelis have already warned Abbas he better strive to keep that from happening. “The agreement with Hamas makes [Abbas] directly responsible for the terrorism emanating from Gaza,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier this week in comments released by his office.

It raises the specter of the first terror campaign in the heart of Israel since the Second Intifada. While Israel is better equipped to prevent that today, Fatah’s assistance has been part of the puzzle.

But with that puzzle crumbling, one has to wonder if the Palestinians will eventually just blow the whole thing up.

Israel better be ready (and the West better wake up), because the Palestinian shaking of hands could lead to stabbings in the back.

(By Joshua Spurlock,, June 5, 2014)

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