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Opinion: World Pushing Israel into Corner on Iran—Again

Radiation Warning Symbol. Public Domain.

The latest countdown to red lines on Iran’s nuclear progress is officially up and running. Just last year, Netanyahu said the world needed to act by this summer, lest Tehran cross thresholds in its nuclear program that would make it nearly impossible to prevent them from developing an atomic weapon.

Meanwhile, the world has set up its own countdown—to more meetings with Iran. The sides are set to meet again this week at an “expert level” and then again in April at the fuller, political negotiating-level. Iran has boasted that the West has started to see some of its perspective and media reports indicate that demands on Iran have lessened. US President Barack Obama better have real answers in his upcoming meetings with Netanyahu, or Israel will have every reason to start losing hope. … Continue Reading

Opinion: Stop Speed-Dating the Enemy

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) meets Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Illustrative. Photo Courtesy of UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe.

The situation in Syria is becoming worse. What began as a government crackdown on peaceful protestors has evolved far beyond a civil war. What’s happening now is nothing short of violent chaos. The Bashar al-Assad regime is fighting rebels and is supported by Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists and Iran. The rebels are being supported by the West and… Al Qaeda terrorists.

The recent controversial taking and releasing of UN peacekeepers by rebel forces only highlights the nightmare that Syria has become. It’s enough to make one wonder if there are any good guys and whether the West should support the rebels at all. It’s time to answer those questions. … Continue Reading

Opinion: Set-Up for the Showdown

IDF image of Beersheba damage from Gaza rockets. Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson.

The recent decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to include former-Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in his government and agree to make her the lead negotiator with the Palestinians is already wreaking havoc in Israeli politics. But the real showdown is yet to come. If the West thinks a Middle East peace deal can be forced by convincing the sides it’s nearly midnight, they might just end up with a duel at high noon instead. … Continue Reading

Opinion: The New War

February 3, 2013 Arab Spring, In Depth, Special Feature

The latest military strike against a Syrian military target, reportedly by Israel according to The New York Times, had the potential to be a successful strike and slink away into secrecy. Yet as the Times pointed out, Syria broke rank and announced the strike, blaming Israel in the process. The reality is that the rhetoric is heated and the potential for war is real. And for that we can blame the United Nations. … Continue Reading

Opinion: Waking Up from the Coalition Nightmare

January 24, 2013 In Depth, Politics, Special Feature

The elections in Israel are over, but there’s still no government yet. The diversity of parties in Israel has reached a critical point at which forming a coalition is extremely difficult. Forming a stable coalition? Nearly impossible. The Right bloc, according to final vote tallies from Haaretz, will take a narrow majority of 61 seats—barely enough and extremely vulnerable to internal politics.

But the Left can’t even form a government, because there’s not really a true centrist bloc that could give them the edge. In fact, it appears as though forming an effective government will be quite a challenge for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But there is one way to do it best—as long as the West lets them. … Continue Reading

Israel Holds Elections Today: Here’s What You Need to Know

January 22, 2013 Politics, Special Feature

Knesset Candidate Jeremy Gimpel. Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Gimpel.

The elections for the next Israeli Knesset (parliament) are being held today, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hoping for a second term while leftist parties are looking to unseat him. Polling republished by Haaretz shows the final tally between the political Right and Left is expected to be relatively close. As noted by The Mideast Update, the religious parties in Israel could prove to be the swing votes.

While the voting will be over by tonight, the makeup of the next Israeli coalition will just be getting started. Depending on how well Netanyahu’s Likud party ends up performing, and the other Right and Left parties, it may take weeks for the nominee to be the next prime minister to bring together a coalition of parties to head the Knesset. … Continue Reading

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