Why You Need an In Depth Subscription

IDF image of Beersheba damage from Gaza rockets. Photo Courtesy of IDF Spokesperson.

Do you want an insightful, Biblical-based perspective on Middle East news? Do you want analysis that catches details others miss or gloss over, analysis that not only reports the news—but explains what it means?

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You’ll get regular opinion articles and analysis from me, a journalist who has seen the region and many of its key-players and issues first-hand. You won’t just know what’s happening—you’ll know why it’s happening, what should be done about it and how it impacts you.

What’s more, you’ll also receive access to the News-Drash, an exclusive commentary that looks at Middle East news through the lens of the Bible. The News-Drash provides inspiring lessons to be learned from real-life events, as well as what prophecy has to say about what’s happening today. You’ll not only know about the news—you’ll know how the news can change your life.

A monthly subscription will cost you less than one gallon of gas, just $2 per month, and take you from your computer screen to the Middle East.

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