Joint Israeli-Palestinian Cancer Research Raises New Questions about Genes and Environment

Israelis and Palestinians may be in the midst of a conflict dating back many decades, but they’re also working together to fight a different battle altogether—the fight against cancer. Joint research by Israelis and Palestinian professionals looked at Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) tumors in both Arab and Jewish populations and concluded …

Israel—An Ancient King of Making Glass

Centuries before the Land of Israel was a hub for the high-tech industry, the region was among the world leaders in another profession involving science, skill, and specialized knowledge: glass making. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced in a press release on Monday that they have discovered 1,600-year-old kilns used …

Latest Israeli Missile Defense System—David’s Sling—Launches in 2 Weeks

In just a matter of days last week, Israel experienced missile attacks from both the north and south, a disturbing reoccurrence in a region rife with conflict. To better defend against such attacks, Israel will rely on not one, but four different missile defense systems—the final one of which will …

US Slams ‘Outrageous’ UN Human Rights Council Anti-Israel Agenda Item

It’s time once again for the United Nations Human Rights Council to hold their scheduled discussion of Israel’s imagined abuses, to which the United States has one response. “The United States will not participate… other than to vote against the outrageous, one-sided, anti-Israel resolutions that so diminish what the Human …

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Analysis—Trump to Really Reset Some Global Relations, Including with Israel

January 22, 2017 Special Feature

Will Trump be Israel’s best friend? U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (left) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right). Illustrative. Photo courtesy of Kobi Gideon (GPO)

United States President Donald J. Trump wasted no time in making it clear his foreign policy approach will differ from his predecessor, Barack Obama. Even before he officially took office, Trump was actively supporting Israel in the face of pressure from the United Nations and what ultimately turned into an almost unprecedented lack of support by the U.S. in Obama’s final days in office. And within hours of taking office, Trump was already symbolically reversing Obama’s view of one of America’s closest allies. Many are concerned or at least unclear as to what a Trump presidency will mean for the world. But for some nations, it looks to be a breath of fresh air. … Continue Reading

Israeli PM to Iranian People—‘We Are Your Friend, Not Your Enemy’

January 22, 2017 Peace and Conflict

Netanyahu wants to be friends with Iran’s people again. Illustrative image of Netanyahu. Photo Courtesy of UN-Photo/Marco Castro

Israel and Iran have been archenemies on a national level for decades, but once upon a time the countries were actually secret allies. Despite the Iranian leadership’s professed hatred of Israel in more recent times, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a point to tell the Iranian people that he believes good times of old can be had again.

“By calling daily for Israel’s destruction, the regime hopes to instill hostility between us. This is wrong. We are your friend, not your enemy,” said Netanyahu in comments published to his office’s website and Facebook page. “We’ve always distinguished between the Iranian people and the Iranian regime… I yearn for the day when Israelis and Iranians can once again visit each other freely in [Iran’s capital of] Tehran and Esfahan, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.” … Continue Reading

Israeli Missile Defense Upgraded, Again

January 19, 2017 Uncategorized

Already one of the leaders in missile defense, Israel’s capabilities took another step forward with the implementation of the Arrow-3 missile defense interceptor missile. The Arrow-3 expands upon the range and altitude of Israel’s interceptors, which are designed to shoot enemy missiles out of the sky. The Arrow-3 is also capable of more precise missile interception, according to the press release announcing the new missile’s operation from Israel’s Ministry of Defense.
“The combined interception capabilities of the Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 will significantly reduce the possibilities of ballistic missiles impacting the State of Israel,” noted the press release.

… Continue Reading

Paris Peace Meeting Concludes, Israel Calls It ‘Flat as a Failed Soufflé’

January 15, 2017 Peace and Conflict
Paris held it's peace conference, but did anything happen there? Eiffel Tower in Paris. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

Paris held it’s peace conference, but did anything happen there? Eiffel Tower in Paris. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

The Paris Peace Conference finally convened on Sunday and issued a broad declaration of plans for peace that ultimately just repeated messages that have already been spoken. Despite bringing together 70 nations, the final statement of the Paris Peace Conference as published by Haaretz provided no clear plans for obtaining peace or for restarting negotiations between the sides, with much of the specifics listed generally as the principles already expressed recently by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Haaretz reported that the final statement was “less harsh” than a previous draft.

Israel had long warned the meeting would produce no results, but only encourage Palestinian intransigence by appearing tilted towards pressuring Israel. After the meeting, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon posted to Twitter, “#ParisPeaceConference turned as flat as a failed soufflé. A big show is no replacement for direct negotiations between the parties.” The statement from the Paris Peace Conference announced plans to meet again later this year, “in order to support both sides in advancing the two-state solution through negotiations,” but no dates or additional details were given. … Continue Reading

Foiled Gaza Smuggling Attempts Doubled in 2016

January 15, 2017 Peace and Conflict
Israel stopped a lot of Gaza smuggling in 2016. Illustrative photo of commando knives apprehended amid shipment of plumbing materials destined for Gaza. Photo courtesy of Israel Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority

Israel stopped a lot of Gaza smuggling in 2016. Illustrative photo of commando knives apprehended amid shipment of plumbing materials destined for Gaza. Photo courtesy of Israel Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority

Drones, military clothing, and professional-grade diving equipment were among the myriad items that terrorists tried to smuggle into Gaza last year, but Israel’s efforts to stop such smuggling was even better in 2016. More than 1,200 smuggling attempts were stopped by Israel, which is a 165% increase over 2015, according to a press release from the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The press release noted that dozens of investigations by Israeli security forces “resulted in significant damage of the smuggling infrastructure in the south.”

That doesn’t mean that terrorists such as Hamas didn’t try. The variety of items that were attempted to be smuggled into the Strip included small UAVs, security cameras, lasers, rappelling equipment, dual-use fiberglass, water pumps, and iron pipes. The head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense Crossing Authority, Brig. Gen. (res) Kamil Abu-Rokon, said in the press release, “The defense establishment’s bitter war against smugglers has noticeably slowed the strengthening of terrorist groups in Gaza. In recent months, we have… added technologies and new testing methods that add to our abilities in the daily struggle against the smugglers.” … Continue Reading

Israeli Paramedics Save Life of Electrocuted Palestinian Youth

January 10, 2017 News
Israel's Magen David Adom saves another Palestinian in need. Israeli MDA ambulance. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

Israel’s Magen David Adom saves another Palestinian in need. Israeli MDA ambulance. Illustrative. By Joshua Spurlock

The Israeli military is regularly attacked by Palestinian terrorists who despise their presence, and yet when a Palestinian youth was electrocuted and unconscious, his parents rushed to take him to… an IDF base. A paramedic at the IDF crossing started to treat the young person until the Israeli Magen David Adom (MDA) group could arrive, and thanks to the joined efforts by the Israelis, the boy survived—albeit after a great scare.

The MDA, in a press release, said that their team arrived at the scene and “found a young teen in a severe state.” MDA paramedic Roman Belman, in a video interview produced by the MDA, said the boy had burn marks and no pulse when they arrived. They took over the resuscitation efforts from the IDF paramedic at the scene. “The parents were hysterical and crying, but did not disturb us from doing our work,” said Berman in the video. “After approximately 10 minutes, an amazing thing happened and the pulse returned.” … Continue Reading

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