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Iran Steadfast, US Open to Compromise ahead of Nuclear Talks

March 17, 2014 Iran Nuclear Program, News

Compromise is apparently happening in the Iran-world powers’ nuclear talks, but it doesn’t appear to be all that mutual. The Iranian parliament didn’t want to leave things open to interpretation, and so they recently issued a statement that clarified their desires for the negotiations: don’t budge.

While the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran—according to a US official—has downsized their nuclear capabilities as part of the interim nuclear deal, reaching a permanent agreement will be a challenge. The Iranian Fars News Agency reported that the Iranian parliament’s statement called upon the negotiators not to relinquish anything of their nuclear “rights”, specifically the creation of nuclear fuel through uranium enrichment. But while Iran doesn’t want to move on this one, the US has signaled they might. … Continue Reading

Opinion: Waning US Influence Means Chaos in Middle East

America's talking loudly, but how big a stick are they carrying? Illustrative. Photo Courtesy of Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

America’s talking loudly, but how big a stick are they carrying? Illustrative. Photo Courtesy of Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

It was 2005, and the world was looking brighter. Lebanon kicked out Syria’s army, Ukraine had a pro-West, pro-democracy revolution, Libya was in the midst of deconstructing their weapons of mass destruction and the world’s powerful bad guys seemed to be isolated into a two-nation axis of evil. It was a good year for the West and America.

Now it’s 2014. Lebanon is home to a powerful Iranian-led terror militia known as Hezbollah. The Iranians are popular with corporations racing to get a piece of the pie as sanctions disappear. North Korea has made multiple nuclear tests and Ukraine is under Russian threat. What’s a key element to all the bad news? America’s inability and disinterest in influencing world affairs. It’s a new world order now: fend for yourself. Goodbye Middle East stability. … Continue Reading

Israel Warns Iran Nuclear Deal Could Create ‘Many Nuclear Powers’

Radiation Warning Symbol. Public Domain.

Radiation Warning Symbol. Public Domain.

The story of Pandora’s box is nothing more than a Greek myth, but a real life version with nuclear ramifications may be coming soon. With the major world powers intent on crafting a nuclear deal with Iran that would purportedly give everyone something—Iran gets a civilian nuclear program while the world gets safeguards against them building the bomb—Israel is warning that the deal could unleash the spread of nuclear weapons around the world.

Israel’s primary concern—and Iran’s primary demand in the nuclear talks—centers around Iran’s ability to enrich uranium for nuclear fuel. The West seems content to consider the peaceful states with such enrichment capacity as the model for Iran, but Israel is warning that North Korea and their slow-but-steady nuclear weapons program is more likely. And with rebellious Iran getting such a privilege of developing nuclear fuel, what would stop many more nations from demanding the same? … Continue Reading

Iranian Missile Dispute Has Israel Concerned

February 24, 2014 Iran Nuclear Program

It’s “he said, she said” with nuclear implications. The US is arguing that Iran agreed to discuss their missile program as part of the nuclear talks, but Iran doesn’t see it that way. Considering the fact that Iran has worked on a space program that could lead to missiles able to reach all of Europe and the US, resolving this dispute is critical to global security.

Despite the matter’s importance, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned the West could give in. He said the permanent nuke agreement with Iran “must dismantle the Iranian ability to either produce or launch nuclear weapons, and this has yet to be achieved, and without the insistence of the major powers it will not be achieved.”
… Continue Reading

Analysis: US Assurances on Iran Nuke Deal Not Reassuring

Does the US still stand with Israel on Iran?

Does the US still stand with Israel on Iran?

Ever had some difficult news that you just had to tell someone in person? Well, that’s what the current Middle East tour from US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman looks to be. Sherman, also the main US negotiator in the nuclear talks with Iran, made a specific stop in Jerusalem to assure Israel that the American concessions to Iran won’t allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

Nice try, Ms. Sherman, but I doubt the Israelis are feeling very comfortable after your statement there. … Continue Reading

Caution, Pessimism Pervades Iran Nuclear Talks

February 19, 2014 Iran Nuclear Program

Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei is reportedly not very optimistic about the talks between Iran and the major world powers regarding the former’s nuclear program. And believe it or not, the US thinks that’s something of a good thing. A senior US administration official, in comments released by the State Department earlier this week, said even US President Barack Obama is only giving the nuclear talks a 50-50 chance. The official said she thought “it is right to approach these negotiations with a sober frame of mind… So I certainly think leadership all over the world is keeping expectations at the appropriate place – cautious, very cautious.”

Good thing, because based on Iran wants the final agreement to be and what the US wants the end result to be—Iran having demonstrated they won’t and can’t get nuclear weapons—look quite different.

… Continue Reading

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