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Iranian Missile Dispute Has Israel Concerned

February 24, 2014 Iran Nuclear Program

It’s “he said, she said” with nuclear implications. The US is arguing that Iran agreed to discuss their missile program as part of the nuclear talks, but Iran doesn’t see it that way. Considering the fact that Iran has worked on a space program that could lead to missiles able to reach all of Europe and the US, resolving this dispute is critical to global security.

Despite the matter’s importance, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned the West could give in. He said the permanent nuke agreement with Iran “must dismantle the Iranian ability to either produce or launch nuclear weapons, and this has yet to be achieved, and without the insistence of the major powers it will not be achieved.”
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Analysis: US Assurances on Iran Nuke Deal Not Reassuring

Does the US still stand with Israel on Iran?

Does the US still stand with Israel on Iran?

Ever had some difficult news that you just had to tell someone in person? Well, that’s what the current Middle East tour from US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman looks to be. Sherman, also the main US negotiator in the nuclear talks with Iran, made a specific stop in Jerusalem to assure Israel that the American concessions to Iran won’t allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

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Caution, Pessimism Pervades Iran Nuclear Talks

February 19, 2014 Iran Nuclear Program

Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei is reportedly not very optimistic about the talks between Iran and the major world powers regarding the former’s nuclear program. And believe it or not, the US thinks that’s something of a good thing. A senior US administration official, in comments released by the State Department earlier this week, said even US President Barack Obama is only giving the nuclear talks a 50-50 chance. The official said she thought “it is right to approach these negotiations with a sober frame of mind… So I certainly think leadership all over the world is keeping expectations at the appropriate place – cautious, very cautious.”

Good thing, because based on Iran wants the final agreement to be and what the US wants the end result to be—Iran having demonstrated they won’t and can’t get nuclear weapons—look quite different.

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Iran Threatens the “Destruction” of Israel If Attacked

February 11, 2014 Iran Nuclear Program, Terrorism

Iran gave another warning to the US, but the main target in the crosshairs isn’t who you’d expect. If you attack them, they’ll destroy… Israel? With terrorists in Lebanon?

That’s what the senior military aid to the Supreme Leader of Iran said in comments quoted by the Fars News Agency. “The start of war against Iran means the destruction of the Zionist regime [A.K.A. The State of Israel] by Hezbollah forces of Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah.” Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi further warned of “reciprocal and inconceivable strikes.”
Now that sounds peaceful, doesn’t it?
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Iranian Official: No Nuclear Site Will Be Closed

February 10, 2014 Iran Nuclear Program

Ever tried to compromise with someone, only to realize they are sticking fast to their side and aren’t planning on conceding? That’s what appears to be happening in the nuclear talks between Iran and the major world powers. While Iran made minor concessions in exchange for sanctions relief, reaching a permanent deal will be much tougher.

Underscoring that are comments from Iran’s deputy foreign minister saying that Iran isn’t going to budge on some key Western demands in the nuke talks.
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Turkey Wants to Fight Terror with… Iran?

It makes sense for Turkey to build friendships in an effort to fight terrorism. But their latest plan to battle terror should raise eyebrows, since their new partner is none other than a top sponsor of terrorist groups: Iran

With a long history of funding and equipping terrorists fighting the US and Israel, Iran isn’t my first choice of a friend in that regard. But Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pushing for tighter ties with Iran, including in the fight versus terror, after years of strained relations. Makes you wonder if Turkey’s definition of terrorism is changing with their politics.
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